On this page you will find a complete listing of the Brenderup, Pegasus and Wessex trailer ranges that we supply. We are confident that we can find the right trailer for you! Further information is available by clicking on the corresponding range name or the ‘Click Here for Details’ buttons on the right of your display.

Brenderup represents value for your money – safety and durability are paramount, but practicality and design are never compromised. Payloads typically range from 600kg to 2500kg, although can go in excess of 3500kg on certain specialist models. Brenderup offer a comprehensive choice of accessories to enhance each of their trailer ranges, ensuring a stress-free towing experience.

Strong and durable goods trailers at competitive prices, with 13″ wheels and payloads in excess of 600kg.

    Series 2000 Goods trailers with optimum road performance - available with sides in steel, wood or aluminium.        

    Series 3000 Compact and easy to manoeuvre goods trailers with large box dimensions and a range of easy fitting of accessories.      

    Series 5000 Heavy-use commercial trailers, designed for easy forklift loading. Integrated, spring loaded tie-on rings included.

    Series 6000 The perfect trailers for contractors' machinery. Easily load/unload equipment onto the platform with a fork lift: sides can removed and loading height is just 65cm!        

    Bravo Series    Robust goods trailers for a number of applications, available in braked and unbraked models.        

    Cargoliners A Brenderup Cargoliner is a great addition or alternative to a box van, protecting the load from wind and weather.      

    Boat Transporters   Brenderup takes good care of your boat during transport, with a variety of trailers for crafts ranging from 14ft to 26ft long!      

    Car Transporters    Reliable, durable and tested for all weather conditions, these car trailers are the ideal solution for safe transportation.     

    Motorcycle Transporters 

Available in one bike or two bike models, and made to the same high-standard as Brenderup’s Car Transporter range.

    Unitransporters Tiltable trailers ideal for transporting portable equipment such as mowers, cutters, concrete mixers and small construction machinery.      

    Specialist Series   Sturdy, ultra-flexible design, the Brenderup Specialist Series tipping trailers have a variety of uses.

Top quality British-manufactured, galvanised trailers made to the highest standards, and able to take whatever is thrown at them. A wide range is available with many bolt on accessories offered. These trailers can be customised to suit almost any application. From 750kg to 3500kg payloads, The Wessex Trailer Range offers the top quality trailers at affordable prices.

Purpose-designed car transporters, from lightweight for carrying small cars through to heavy duty versions for larger vehicles.     

    Goods Trailers  Strong and durable goods trailers designed and manufactured for industrial and commercial applications.     

    Tipping Trailers    Ideal for transporting loose or bulky materials. The electro-hydraulic tipping system lifts the body to an angle of 52 degrees to discharge of even the most stubborn loads.        

    Livestock Trailers  The nine-model WLT Livestock range. Galvanised chassis alloy side panels aford inherent longevity. Designed for maximum strength.       

    Plant & Digger

Trailers Designed and manufactured to transport plant and equipments safely. Generally recognised as amongst the strongest on the market.

    Platform Trailers   Robust, durable and with versatile load carrying capabilities. The basic trailer is a clear platform on to which optional extras can be easily attached.


Trailers A practical and cost-effective solution to the movement of materials and equipment, with the added ability of being able to be towed on or off-road for agricultural and commercial use by an all-terrain vehicle.

    Horse Trailers  Fully-featured trailers designed to be easy to operate and comfortable for your horses to travel in. Care has been taken to provide safe and efficient operation.

Founded in 1922, Dixon-Bate grew in a short space of time to become one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of towing equipment and accessories. In addition to towbars, Dixon-Bate turned its hand to a range of related products under the DixonBate name on which they manufactured virtually every single part and earned an enviable reputation for quality and performance.

Dixon-Bate Rapide Dinghy Trailers are designed and manufactured to ensure you and your dinghy are taken to and from the water safely with minimum fuss and hassle.

The Fountain Trailers are part of a family group of companies established over 40 years ago
and have been involved in manufacturing bespoke trailers for 6 years from articulated race transporters through to race box trailers. When you add the overall commitment to safety, quality and support service, you will recognise why the new Fountain Trailer range is destined for big things.

Fountain have created a new range of car transporters that lift the benchmarks in the significant areas of quality, reliability, safety and support service.